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Welcome To SAEPU

As South African Emergency Personnel's Union we hereby welcome you to our ever vibrant site. SAEPU is a Trade union that specializes in Emergency workers Challenges in the country. We would like to encourage you if you are a non member to take a step towards the right direction by joining SAEPU, the specialists in EMS. It's time for your voice to make a mark and be heard.
Making A Difference

Why Become a Member

Let your voice be heard
  • To Nationalize Emergency Services.
  • For the unification of Emergency Services.
  • To Create good working conditions.
  • For your voice to be heard.

“The Destiny of Man is to unite, not to divide."

Key developments of EMS Nationalisation:

  • Promulgation of regulations for Emergency Medical Services.
  • Promulgation of regulations for mass gathering events.
  • Finalisation of the National Emergency care Education and Training Policy.
  • Branding of EMS which includes vehicles,uniforms,rank and medical insignia.
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